How To do Pest Control at Home by Yourself

Pestoclean DIY Guide to control insects at home


In this article we will tell you how to do your own pest control at home and save thousands of rupees. DIY pest control is easy and becoming very popular these days. DIY stands for Do It Yourself.

Keeping the bugs out of your house by learning what products and methods to use inside and out, is not a big deal, if you are ready to learn a couple of things. At any stage if you need our service for pest control in dehradun, right get back to us. We are happy to assist you.

We will show you what to use and how to use it in order to control numerous bugs including cockroaches, ants, mice, rats, silverfish, centipedes, millipedes, fleas, and many more.

Following these steps will keep the unwanted bugs out of your house and if they do get in they won’t last long. Viola 🙂

Easy Steps To Do It Yourself

What’s up guys, is here with another article and in today’s article we are gonna be showing you how you can save thousands of dollars by learning how to do your own pest control. 

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Pest control at home

Now, we have been doing pest control for quite a while. So we have learned a lot of the in’s and out’s and methods that make doing it a little bit more effective and of course we have also tried a bunch of different products along the way trying to figure out which ones work really well, which ones work better than others, may be for targeting a specific bug or kind of bug and of course, which ones just really don’t work at all.

We have been pleasantly surprised to find that at least with the products that we have found to work really well, they’re all really easily accessible.

Almost all the products we are going to discuss with you today, you can find easily. If they’re not there then a lot of times you’re going to be able to find some of them at one of your local home improvement stores.

So in this article we are going to show you those methods that we talked about that we use and then of course we are also going to show you the products we found to be most effective while treating the house so let’s go ahead and get right into the article.

All right – so this first product that we’re going to use is called Talstar P and the main ingredient in it is bifenthrin and if you decide that you’re going to buy this particular pesticide you’re going to see a bunch of reviews saying that you can just buy a off-brand bifenthrin pesticide that’ll work just as well.

We did that and to our surprise what we found is – It does not work anywhere near as good as the Talstar P does.

This is going to be more of your shotgun pesticide; it covers a wide array of bugs. It targets well and this is what we’re going to put into a one gallon garden sprayer and we’ll mix it with water and all the ratios are in the instructions as to how to mix it depending on the application that you’re trying to use.

So if you’re targeting termites or ants or whatever it is, there are different mixture ratios for your particular application. As you’re applying it you want to make sure that you’re going up the sides of the house about three feet and then out into the yard also about three feet, make sure that you spray this underneath and around all possible points of entry for bugs.

This can include windows, doors, hose, bibs, any gas lines going into the house, vents any crevice that you can see a possibility of a bug going into. Go ahead and spray it.

Now we spray this inside as well on the floor at all of the doors. Make sure that if you’re spraying this indoors at all, that you do put any pets such as dogs and cats in a different room that is not integrated after the chemical has dried and has set for at least 30 minutes then you can let your animals back out.

As it is non-toxic to them as long as the pesticide has had time to dry and you’ll be able to tell this just by looking to make sure that the area is no longer wet.

This next product that we’re going to use is the “amdro lawn insect killer”. They are in granule form and these are going to be used and spread in any rotary type fertilizer spreader that you might have that you use to put out grass seed or your weed and feed in all directions.

On the back side of the packaging, it is going to show you all the different bugs that this pesticide treats. The application rate that it needs to be put down at and for certain spreaders some of your more popular fertilizer spreaders likes cots it’s also going to give you your settings to set your fertilizer spreader at so you’re getting the correct application rate.

Put down on the lawn a good time to put this down on the ground is going to be right before a rain or if you’re expecting rain in the next few hours so that it’ll break down these granules into more of a liquid form and put it down into the soil so that it can do its job. 

So this next one we are going to show you is one we really like. It’s one that can do a really great job of getting into those cracks and crevices and in the really hard to reach areas and the reason it’s able to do this is because it’s in powder form and it’s blown into whatever it is, that you’re trying to fill up and it’s this product right here this is made by safer brand and you can find this at any of your big box home improvement stores around you and also online.

The main ingredient in it is diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth does a really great job of targeting some specific bugs. We use this mostly indoors but you can use it outdoors as well. Now places you’re going to be using this indoors – are going to be places like beneath and behind your stove, refrigerator, under sinks and cabinets.

You can put it in your garbage cans around any pipes and drains, window frames and you can also use it in your attic and basement as well. Outside you’re going to be putting it into things like pipes and gas lines or any cracks and crevices that you find. You can put it underneath the windows or just any voids that you’re finding around the outside of your home.

Now this next one we’re going to use is one that you can buy on amazon and oftentimes at one of your local home improvement stores and it’s really focused on killing cockroaches.

We will say that it does a really good job now the way that it works is it has bait that causes the cockroach to come out and when they get into that bait and they ingest it they then go back to the nest and then infect all of the rest of the cockroaches in the nest with this insecticide therefore killing the whole nest.

The way that it’s applied is it comes with the syringe that has the bait and insecticide already inside of it and you’re going to be putting this in any places that cockroaches are known to be frequent visitors. The places that we put it and the places that we know that the pest control companies put it in, they put this gel in your kitchen cabinets especially.

One of the main places they do it is when you open your kitchen cabinet door either to the left or the right where there’s a post they put a thin line of gel along there and they also put some of this bait back in corners of the cabinets as well. You’re going to want to do this along all of your kitchen cabinets, your base cabinets, your upper cabinets and then also make sure that you’re doing it in all of your bathrooms and their cabinets in there.

As well as the cockroaches really like a humid type of area so that’s pretty much going to wrap it up for this article.

We hope you found it to be helpful and informative and maybe it helped you make a decision on whether or not you want to try doing your own pest control and saving a bunch of money especially in the long run.

All the products that you saw in today’s article are probably not at all that expensive than what you’re paying currently on your quarterly payments to your current pest control company. You also saw the techniques and methods that we use to apply the products. Anybody can do it, you can do it, so if you found the article to be helpful to you please hit that thumbs up button down below.

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